About the Artist

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 8.07.55 PMI received a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Animation and Digital Arts with a specialization in Web Development at the University of Southern California. I have wide range of interests in 2D and 3D artwork, but my ultimate interest is in graphic/web design and multimedia/immersive media work. I was born having interest in the visual arts as an integration to my academic education and as a great tool for learning new concepts in life. I was introduced to animation at the Sony/CAP program at Watts Towers (Los Angeles, CA) under the California Institute of the Arts around middle school. Then in 2008, I attended CSSSA/Innerspark under the Animation department. During my junior year in high school in 2010, I attended an art semester school in Napa Valley, CA called “The Oxbow School” to learn sculpture, photography, printmaking, and painting while partaking in other environmental activities and studies in English, History, Math, and Science. And guess what! I still love art and animation and decided to pursue this interest even further in my career.

I also have a passion for traveling as a way to gain inspiration for my artwork. I visited the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, and Netherlands. And I am eager to continue to travel more. I believe in the importance of traveling abroad to foreign places in order to discover different ways of solving the same problem and to gain more knowledge of the world we reside in the perspective of another culture. And the more we learn and understand people, the better we can understand life.

Life is full of unexpected series of events, but the more we observe our surroundings, especially when creating art, the easier it is to enjoy what we experience.

Contact: ajackson.yesacan@gmail.com